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On the sixth day of creation
God made the monotremes.
Both the echidna and the platypus
appear laughter evoking schemes.

He had already made several ant-eaters,
but the Aussie one had to differ...
a mammal which actually lays its eggs
that's covered with bristles but sharper and stiffer.

I reckon God took pity upon
the poor mothers, giving birth
to prickly infants- smooth's bad enough,
the subject unworthy of mirth.

Then, there's the odd-looking platypus.
I reckon this bloke was made last,
put together of left-over bits
to confound the iconoclast.

No feathers but fur and the bill of a duck,
webbed feet and a beaver tail.
Razor-sharp spur with a toxic burn
chosen weapon for platypus male.

At least now, when somebody mentions
that mammals to live young give birth
you can tell them of our mis-fit monotremes
Perhaps the strangest on God's good Earth.

By cherryk

© 2017 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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