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Many, Many Reasons

Photograph courtesy of Jim Smith

THE nascent day creeps o'er yon' Eastern hill,
SUN bursting through, daubing a ruby sky.
COMES apricot with peach tones, splashed at will.
UP in God's rafters, purple clouds glide by.


A trusting knowledge of His perfect plan,
NEW mornings are for deep appreciation.
DAY rubs his eyes and stretches the sky's span,
DAWNING in its brilliant culmination.


TIME waits for none so waken, sleepy head.
TO miss this pleasure such a tragic waste.
SING blue skies in, as fades the lovely red,
YOUR moments lost can never be replaced.
SONG of the magpie with its piping note...
AGAIN that song, the words for which none wrote.

The quote comes from song lyrics
by Matt Redman,
the song, 10000 Reasons
is in the clip below.

By cherryk

© 2017 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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