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Life Is To Short
Life Is To Short

As we think of Heaven
We often have to cry
As we lose a loved one
We can't help but wander why

As we stand in the hospital
Holding back our thoughts with sigh
Waiting for a baby to be born
Then listen for its precious cry

We never know what's next
Or what tomorrow brings
Will it be a happy day
Or will death bells ring

So many want to bicker
Just to start another war
But it's best to walk away
Just leave them where they are

To many try the drugs
For their way to escape
Just to later find out
They sealed their own fate

Life is way to short
To bicker or to fight
Let's practice peace and love
Until we get this thing right

So love one another
With all of your heart
For we just never know
When we be called to part

Written 10/2/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
2017 norman (All rights reserved)

By norman

© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)


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