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Miles from no where

sometimes I feel like a motherless child
running wild in the breaze
at times I think there is more to life
a splash of tonic a hint of spice
another chance at which to roll the dice
yet in the gloom in doom
take some time out to clean my roon
a splash of perfume
yet I'm here left alone miles from no where
I shed a single tear to numb the inner pain
left with the one guitar string that I have learned to play on
deep in the dark corridor of my inner mind
a vast array of oceanic sounds come alive
look at the Albatross flying in mid air without a care
learn to think for yourself as the sweet manifestation of love permeates in your gate
we all look for something in life yet what ?
miles from no where
in the setting sun

words can't express the true meaning of our conquest
all of life is one big test I must confess
barrowed basement pews
the tunes of Huey Lewis & The News
somedays got me singing the blues
whispers in the corridor of my mind
fancy suits and wine
I resign yet to what ?

By Mario William Vitale

© 2017 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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