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Words written down are not always words you would like to hear
and collect in your thoughts.
Words can bring instant inspiration, as they can bring sorrow of heart.
Words are thoughts that come from deep within your mind and spoken not always wisely.
The written word can say it the way it is, or be false, and say it the way it is not.
Words of love can bring forth a happiness that has no words to express feelings they have brought to another.
Words don't have to always be wrote and read, eyes speak better than the spoken word, they never lie.
Words spoken by loved ones can bring happiness to the elderly
for they have lived life to the fullest and words of kindness and love means so much to them.
Words written in song never die, they live on forever, like our
National Anthem, the true meaning of those words will live
forever..Men have died for our country.
Words are the inner thoughts to our immortal souls, and always should be respected from all.

By Derena

© 2017 Derena (All rights reserved)


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