Kept Me Sane
A cornucopia of memories flood my mind.
A kaleidoscope of lifes' occurrences, all kinds.
To select a favorite would be a monumental chore.
So I choose to write of this, and of others never more.

At sea on the South Pacific, in the middle of the night.
The moon is round and full, a billion stars shower down their light.
The ocean sounds a rhapsody as the ship cuts through the waves.
Lucid dreaming, wide awake imagination, these hold no slaves.

Hidden knowledge of the universe, Aristotle speaks to me.
All lifes' greatest mysteries laid out so I can see.
I touch, I hold, I smell, I taste, I feel this seep into my brain.
All through lifes' journey I've looked back to this, it has kept me sane.

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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