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Hope for one and all
Sitting here listening to my raging pounding heart
Hoping that my heart simply does not just fall apart
Engaging in the trending as my weakness unfurls
Ever knowing, onward going, crumbling of my worlds
Always reaching, hearts a leaping, cringing, awesomeness
Turning slowly, oh so lowly, keeping from my duress
Ageing slowly, in my dreams, racing forward screams
Finally, I doth search my soul, my loathsome schemes
Ever going, always knowing, my heart becomes afraid
No endurance, just fading away, slowly betrayed
Seeking goodness, forever craving, coming my way
Undemanding, my heart groans, a losing my lifes sway
Incorrigible, it seems, forgiveness in my life
Always seeking, God on high, Jesus, the crucified

Word painting

with Marrianno Jo

By olderandbolder

© 2018 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The WORD PAINTING Challenge with mariannajo (Marianna Jo) read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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