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Out for revenge
You know your a Demon some kind of devil
not ready to forgive anyone on any level
Out for revenge you must be out for revenge
Your time is not free because your out for revenge against me

You think you can scare me with your evil eyes and your wicked ways
But your ways just can't fool me these days
Your just a grump in a slump who never forgives
Rob all the minds you never demonize your sins

But I know the Lord would lead us to better pastures
Where our minds are clear of this garbage that clogs your brain
You think everyones against you and you never forgot my name
But dear lord I pray for your soul to be healed in every way

You should not have to feel this way
Your soul would heal and every thing would be ok
But you feel the hurt deep in side the hurt rushing to you head
For every time you got hit and shed a little blood

You felt life beating you down again and again
and never letting you up just a fight for the worst part of life
So lets celebrate what is so good about life
and try to rebuild your life for we all trust in you

By SuperSlimJim

© 2017 SuperSlimJim (All rights reserved)


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