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divided ocean

I glanced back at the way the ocean drew each breath
as it wavered back and forth, upon each rock it touched
wanting to find my way when darkness was too much

never though i would end up alone
as my body shivered right to the bone

echoing a melody of yesterdays love, between us
dividing what we had, no longer one, but contest
no longer, strength, has left...

songs of my heart have expired, like the song of
a divided ocean, wanting to come together once again
reaching the shore with gentle waves, in harmony
after the storm, in perfect peace.

sending angels down, to mend our pass differences
with beams of paradise opening our eyes to see
and hear the love that moved me so...

chasing our dreams, for tomorrows we yet, haven't seen
walking together, the right way, along the healing ocean
with clear serene eyes, we can succeed
with treasures, waiting, in our heart, believing

joining our own divided ocean, into a intoxicated
land of love, sealed with rainbows of yesterdays

Only with Gods love would we endure each new day
sprinkled with much needed prayer...

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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