don't chase shadows...

happiness is an illusion
sometimes deceptive and tricky
like catching a feather on a gusting wind
sometimes you feel it, sometimes not
pursuit is intense, but don't chase shadows

the most precious jewels are not made of stones
but made of human flesh
alive, warm, with feeling
sensitive to touch

to expiate sins against the word of GOD
man's greed for riches and fear of death
sent a frightening shiver down the spine

pity is he who know not but greed
hostile repugnance hypocrite
faceless phantom of the dark
coward, deceiver, wolf on a sheep's clothing

martyrs who are they
are they the heroes of men
if they inflicted pain, the cost is nothing
yet the reward of martyrdom, everything
and the more painful the sacrifice
the more glorious the martyr

the worst sores in life
is caused by crumpled pride and lies ~ not wound
honor and dignity ~ man's priceless wealth
cause his whole human purpose to break

'death before dishonor...'

dona nobis pacem!

'for Bubby, my late Veteran Brother, 'you were loved here at the starlite'

By XRifles

© 2017 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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