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if i could have one day with you
If I could have one evening
To make your favorite dish
I would be more then happy
My heart would sing..
you are so very missed

I remember when you came over
Bringing the smile on your face
contagious it was
not easy to erase..

You lived to light up our lifes
and always made your dads day
When he came home from work
you and him had so much to say

You were still single Rob
and came around the most
Always wanting to lend a hand
and wanting to help us both

Your company and your time
never seemed to run out
Your love dear Rob was always shown
thats what you were all about

In my eyes you were a perfect son
always wanting to help someone
Even though you weren't always appreciated
by your peers...
You continued to amaze us by your love

If I could have one evening with you my precious
I would thank the Lord above
and then send you back to heaven
when our evening time was done..

I know you can't come to see me Rob
But your always in my heart

In many different faces in a crowd
There you are....

Written by Janet Ford

My son died oct 27,2003

Song written and sang by Carmen Flander after she loss her son.

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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