intimate perception...

~~~~~ ... ~~~~~

Adverse statement
Don't let it soak your feelings
Like water on glass
Let it flow and slide off
Protecting ego and pride

Friendship to be true
You need to tell who you are
Impossible not
Just show and open your heart
Give more than necessary

At a passing glance
Agonizing pain perceived
Your life is not free
Hurt and persecution show
Hiding behind your smile

Not able to move
Beyond the fragile threshold
Crying for healing
Yet healing touch you reject
Not giving a chance to fade

Broken hearted soul
Damaged, un-repairable
Just let it vanish
Covers itself with blankets
With no true warm affection

Unbalanced input
False comprehension of facts
Your heart must be purged
Healed, molded and recreated
To start your new journey

Growing beyond bounds
Let the caged spirit soars
Offer, release heart
Unlock self, let go the chain
Instill hope, breathe in new air

Don't even look back
Feed on fresh feast ~ blessed food
Shade off your anger
Bygones are bygones ~ forget
Live life, for tomorrow ~ gone

At the end of day
The grass looks sooty ~ wilted
Yet passage of night
When dewdrops kissed ~ leafy blades
Sprung the wonder of life

~Series of Tanka~

'For every minute you're angry
You lost sixty seconds of happiness'

dona nobis pacem!

By XRifles

© 2017 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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