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A pathway at Christmas.
A star still shines upon a shed
For Christmas dreams are not yet dead,
Just weary from these modern times
So different from old psalms and rhymes,
No sign of crosses, just of blood
Today they’re metal, not of wood,
Yet still the star shines down to show
The way that mankind needs to go.

The wailing wall, the golden dome
The places that we once called home,
Are now just remnants of a past
That long ago were built to last,
Yet time and rhyme wait for no man
Not part of the eternal plan,
Just places where a Prayer can stay
Until the bell of judgement day.

A child’s eyes look on moonlit snow
So filled with questions they should know,
A sacred hymn, a Holy kiss
And how did Jesus come to this,
For children are God’s building blocks
That listen at the door for knocks
Then wait for Jesus to come in
Absolving them from greed and sin.

Christmas is more than toys or food
More it’s where evil bows to good,
Man needs to be a living Prayer
Not murder just to prove they’re there,
So all join hands on Christmas day
And Pray life’s evil drifts away
While in his sacred rhymes and hymns
A hope that God’s light never dims…


© 2017 WHITBYPOET1 (All rights reserved)


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