baby boomers...

ahhhhhh, golden years
these are definite in life's moment in time
you can use all the magic cream at the beauty shop
still, there are signs you can not hide

all I can say is be active with your brain
don't let it stand still, decay might set in
I don't mind getting old, older
as long as my brain still turns, I will be a winner

of course I complain and ~ growl
when I heard the alarm rings
closed my eyes against the creeping light, but
I should be thankful Lord that I can hear and see
...for there are many who are deaf and blind

Almost everyday, the first hour of my day
is always hectic and my temper is short
as if nothing is going right, morning rush, rush, rush
but I should be thankful Lord for my nimble body
...for there are many who can not even move

The food served at the table
never look like the pictures on magazines
the menu is sometimes unbalanced
but i am thankful Lord for the grace you gave
...for there are many who are hungry

The traffic is terrible
almost bumper to bumper
the smog is so thick
with the unbearable, sweltering heat
But Lord, I should not complain
...for there are many who suffer far worst

Everywhere I go is a waiting line
everywhere you look, countless pedestrians
crowded parking lots, banks, restaurants
but I should be thankful Lord, I am free
...there are many, prison walls they see

I grumble and bemoan
of my fate day after day
but it is a reality, none can change
as long as I have enough coins in my pocket
so, I can have a mocha anytime, I am satisfied...

...mostly thank you Lord for life!

By XRifles

© 2017 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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