unbridled illusion...

you left me alone
in the middle of nowhere
i didn't know which way to go
can anyone be my guide?

not too much to wish
not too much to remember
just dreams of yesterdays
...for me to ponder

yes, you never was satisfied
no matter how intent, just to prove
now you want me to say goodbye
heart of stone, cold, no compassion

for your love is an unbridled illusion
as my weary mind tried to forget
numbed my feeling, blocked my senses
...yet something remain I can’t say

i won't forget your womanly scent and kisses
'heavenly' made me wanting for more
and the aromatic fragrance were so strong
pulled me close, so close the strands I see

yet you knew then, I was not the man
your heart had been wishing
it was a cruel truth I needed to admit
that was why you want me to go away
...gone with the ill wind of time

around the world I had been searching
then out of the blue you came ~ once again?
took my hands and led me
to the place you and I had known for so long

now ~ kind and gentle love you gave
fresh breath you breathe into my life
the days before me became vision
of faded pictures of yesterday’s shadows
...everything changed

the milky way with its burst of light
across the heavens it radiates
its brilliance for you to feel
and the moon came out to say good night

ahhhhh, the vision of my love
for your heart to see
a picture of somber sunset
the purple hue of the waning horizon

the strain of the BEE, played soft and low
a masterpiece of the great maestro
floated us to the brim of our satisfaction
happiest moments of a lifetime
it will never come around... again!

dona nobis pacem

By XRifles

© 2017 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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