best days of my life...

hear the roosters announcing the break of dawn
as the ray of light peeps over the horizon
warmth my skin as the sun ascend the sky
heartbeats whisper which seem to say
so wonderful to wake up on a brand new day

with my mind a'drifting
the images of my past kept on reappearing
reminiscing the days gone by
when life was so calm and mellow
uncomplicated ~ simple rules to follow

a young boy I was, I remember it well
naive, innocent and uncorrupted
no knowledge of the world beyond
just contented of my existence, my day to day living
my childhood days, the charted course of my upbringing

ahhhhh ~ the best days of my life

when truth was uttered by my lips
when kindness was used for my voice
when compassion was used for my ears
when charity was used by my hands
when forgiveness overwhelmed my anger

when hope was abundant to find my way
when righteousness guided me on my life's journey
when greed never stained my pure conscience
when doubts were erased by endearing trust
most of all when love was used by my heart

yes...they were the best days of my life...

dona nobis pacem

By XRifles

© 2017 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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