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I will remain

I've tried to be a wrecking ball
I've tried to be a saint
I've wallowed in sadness
I've dabbled in madness
I've shed all my restraint

I've walked alone, I've walked apart
I've made a thousand brand new starts
I've tried to outlast
I've tried to outrun
I've had more than my fair share of fun

I've lived for tomorrow
I've lived for today
I've given, I've taken
I've found and I've lost my way

I've loved and been loved
I've hurt and been hurt
I've given uncalled for
Received more than I'm worth

I've been touched by God's blessings
And crippled by curse
I've made heartfelt promises
For better or worse

I'm good but I'm human
I'm soft but resistant
I'm still and I'm silent
But not dull and not distant


I'll be false but stay true
Rise and fall with the ocean
I'll weather each storm
Take paths less chosen

I'll laugh and I'll cry
I'll crack but won't shatter
I'll stand and be counted
In the ways that truly matter

And I will remain

By lemert

© 2017 lemert (All rights reserved)


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