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Heaven waits

Its not wrong to be sad when someone leaves, to be with the Lord
It is expressing the love you have for a loved one, and how much
you miss him, because he is no longer alive in your life, anymore.

your loved one is in a better place, but still you morn because you long
to see him or her again, even though you know that glorious
day Jesus takes you home, he or she will be there, a place where no
one no longer morns.

it doesn't matter how many years your loved one has left, because
he or she is in your heart, and once in awhile your heart pours out tears
when remembering all the memories you had over the years.

After awhile the sadness will get less and less, but the pain
of it all will always live in your mind, all the same.

God will bring you peace, showing you how to deal with loss
and put it to good use, for someone else,
who needs you when loss knocks on their door
so you can comfort them, and help restore
their hearts, and grief, by sharing your story

seeing they are not going through it alone.
wiping their tears, giving them hope

that someday too, they will see their loved
one once again, in heavens home.

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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