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star studded sky

What a blissful sight in the night.
Seeing the stars increase in light
as darkness moves in,
the star studded skies
come fully alive...

Celebration illustrious brilliance
twinkles and peeks as we take a glance.

at sleep hovering over the land.

Only those that dance below the show
of the beauty of the sky can know
the splendor encircling the world
to overcome the frightful peril
we have got ourselves into.

The pollution is man made,and corrupt
and sin will be shown soon enough.
In the darkness, the only light
is the star studded skies
where heaven can be seen.

Only there, will we finally be washed
and eternally clean...

He is coming,so look to the heavens
where He'll be descenting,
from the sky He created.
He's our one
only Savior...

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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