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hiding in shadows

Shadows hiding many deceiving pleasures
that float amongst the streets
Hide in cages
with their treasures
not wanting to see a
sunny day...

Addictions running rumpant,
stealing once quality lives,
emptiness filled with a
devastating price...
Their only release will
be, when they come
to know Christ.

They're counting the hours
for their deceitful high
seeing what they think is
the ultimate prize.

When all it is,is a counterfeit
piece of the pie.

The pleasure will mingle
with the measure it's worth
but to the tormented
one's belief...

keeping him down where the
enemy reaps...

with fire they play when they first
feel that high
only to be in bondage with the
poison they tried...

Counting the hours
they wait,shivering and lonely,
totally afraid,this could be,
the last of their days...

Written by Janet Ford

(My prayers are with those in bondage from addictions, mainly written for those addicted to drugs
and alcohol. )

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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