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Echoes of infinity.

There is a peace that marks so well
the pause between life's promised vow
and secrets that you'd never tell
without the key from then to now,
a heartbeat born before it's time
an ending waiting for a start
a soft beginning to it's rhyme
that makes the tears of time depart.

There is a field without a gate
that used to hold a memory
of all that life can formulate
and all that hopes can bring to be,
without the means to keep them well
the dreams just never shine so bright
and empty skies can never tell
until the rising of dawn's light.

There is a stream that wanders free
through pastures painted with the sun
without the need for it to be
a tapestry that's heaven spun,
for sometimes beauty on its own
can flower in the depths of shade
and bloom wherever seeds are sewn
or die as memories start to fade.

And finally there is a time
between the sunset and the dawn
to feed a need, to write a rhyme
before another day is born,
for every word is given birth
so softly and so tenderly
like faded leaves that fall to earth
in echoes of infinity...


© 2017 WHITBYPOET1 (All rights reserved)


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