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How sad I feel, a never ending sadness, it hurts so badly
not sure that the bright light of happiness shall enter for awhile, though in time I know it will once again shine with brilliant
It is so hard to lose a family member especially my wonderful grandson who just passed a few weeks ago..My son is so broken that I have broken also in a million pieces.
I pray to my Lord to heal his heart and all family members, and know there is nothing I can do but be strong and make my son strong in Gods Strength and love.
I have always prayed to God not to let me lose my six children before I pass, and my Lord has heard my prayer and I still have them all.
I know everyone is broken when a loved one passes, and you think the sadness will never leave, but in time the memory will live on and so will you maybe in a different way.
Remember Our Lord will only give us what we can handle and he will handle the rest.

Never lose faith God is always with you

By Derena

© 2017 Derena (All rights reserved)


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