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winter dream

I view the quiet beauty of the lake
from my bedroom window
watching the snow fakes
dancing,to a picture show

for me to see...

I touch my feet to the cold floor
wanting to dress up in my finest
attire,for this special occasion...

Oh; such beauty radiates from
the sculptured look of the lake
now being covered with winter
snow,which surely won
my attention...

I am dressed and waiting for
the symphony to begin,as the
evening is almost coming
to dim the lights,
for the concert of the night.

The brilliant notes and pure
white landscape,is intriguing
to listen and watch,as my
dream flowers but must
soon retreat...

The evening fading but heart elated
to be able to watch what is shown
in this bit of nature,
so underrated by many who
are blinded to beauty
of artistic joys of natures groom.

My heart full of song
filled with an octave smile
of gratitude,I feel the warmth
and not the cold
outside my window...

Time again will come with
the pleasure of the sympathy,
the purity of the winter snow
the day has given to me..

I wait now for Christmas
to come through my

once again

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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