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Jade Lightbringer
Look into my eyes and see my soul, my eyes will guide you to my soul, my light will shine through my eyes and bring light into your dark world.
Do not hide from my light for it will guide you out of darkness, if you wish to see who I am deep in my soul, my eyes will guide you, and you may see many colors that may blind you, but my heart and my soul will welcome you.
Do not fear my light, it will not harm you or hurt you.
My eyes are the doorway to my soul and my heart, so if you wish to know me all you have to do is look through my eyes and deep into my heart.
There may be walls around my heart but there are windows in those walls.
I am a beautiful soul of light and therefore I am a witch of light, I go by many names but for now you will know me as Jade Lightbringer a witch of light who will bring happiness to your soul, warmth into your heart, and a bright light into your darkness.
If you are lost just follow my light.

By Redrosepetals

© 2017 Redrosepetals (All rights reserved)


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