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Here's How Much I Love You


We get some meaning from our names, more yours
Where things left yesterday are triggered back.
Your name invites the traveller rest and pause
So thoughts that stray hence from frowns do not lack
As night's soft darkness gently runs past days
While changed from child to man to more I thrive -
We live while we believe and believing pays;
The worn-out world we know, could come alive
By saying your name, gaining meaning, comfort.
With firmer manhood, weeds of sad days die
And star-sown nightly skies tell wonder's brought -
There's meaning in your name and I know why!
You are so strongly in my heart and head
The world will know well, long before I'm dead.


(V1) Gently slumbers, gently dreams far-found Babe
After the day sweetly spent and he sighs
For how light and soft her breathing, he made
In spirit and with her he would despise
Sleep with this unfolded flower (V2) That's a lie!
A weak and wicked lie, weak wicked tongue!
Oh he would with her in Paradise lie!
(V3) Fear not your minds so happy, sleep far flung
The mind is lofty, the body less so.
(V4) Poet's can't cope, too many prove it's the case.
(V1) the Poet lover hears voices yet won't go
The way of unhappy poets and death chase.
(Babe's voice) Our two voices weave in sweet poems and song,
Our two hearts are one and one more year's not long.


Never have tears thinking our ship's sinking -
We're born poets to live love never to drown.
What I'm to see you no more you're thinking,
To feel you no more, to the mast I'm bound?
Have after life like this not to touch you,
Hold your sweet hands, not look in kind eyes;
Those lips photoed, oh that gorgeous hair too,
The flesh denied of our spirit's loved sighs?
Oh sweet spirit I yearn for day by day
Whom I've poemed and you have poemed me -
You fade like a rainbow's beauty away
As I the fallen shower finish duty?
The world can be cruel but the world loves love,
Earth's for touching, pained poet's will still earth move.


Between this heart and pen's one weenie step
And each handshakes the other's thinking you.
When pen's downcast and words has wept
Then heart in love, trails lonely tears from view.
Pen heart-dried traces your words of wonder
And reads heart the awe felt through copied curves
Who finds the meter the very meter
That pumps sweet pure love and soothes the poet's nerves.
Other times heart holds pen's hand tightly
And takes him where he's never been before
For heart somehow knows your heart directly
As though by rainbow, sunset, sunrise, more.
'Tis one weenie step between this heart and pen
But weenie's not the love for you they send.


As though dealt cards were stacked in one's favour
My sweet heart's humming, happy that I'm near
And should be thinking, say blokes gone bitter
'Life's too full for me, too rare, like free beer
Too much, the day's too dreamy - where's the crash?'
Yet her beauty shines on, she walks feet bare,
Her long hair hides her shapely neck - eyes flash -
With waist for holding, lips kissing, to dare.
If its what I'm doing, I'll do lots more.
I think its because I love her dearly
And her love takes it and richly moulds poor
So my heart's humming, happy she wants me.
As though dealt cards are stacked in one's favour
I smile not cockily but smile on her.


Since sterling silver, nor crystal, nor light
But my tender heart time travels to you
Though silver ring's stars and cresent moons might
And candlelight lights crystal with this in view
So heart consents ring to be crown not earned
And crystal to be crown's diamond not seen
As fond heart becomes elf to dance as yearned
On your pillow soft to earn a sweet dream
If heart danced in a ring without light's sight
So crystal caught your heart glows for the crown
To allow small heart grow from elf to Knight
Who'd wake you and earn smile's power over frown.
May this magic have might so tonight find
More than a dream - not earned but your heart's mine!


You were here black-n-yellow honey eater,
The spirit of love trapped in the laundry
And I freed you from the pane your captor?
Felt your heart beat and pleasure being free.
'Dear God if you love birds reward me now
More than I would my sons for such freeing.'
Marvels of love flowed over me that hour -
How great of honey eaters' God's loving!
'Dear God show your pleasure of the love between
Poet and his love to be even greater -
Overwhelm her more than she's ever been -
Her poetry will sing Your praises better.'
Black-n-yellow honey eater I love you,
Oh your heart beat told me you love me too!


Sometimes the moon speaks no common-man-sense
Though bright full moon suppose his heart's excused.
He said 'The reeds of the river not dense
Thirst not and never leave the river's bed;
Ducks go quack quacking knowing they're heard
And rhyme by the river good, bad weather
But stay close for water they love's the word.
So my friend you and your girl together
I saw many moons ago wet with love -
Call her to your river bed's green lush reeds,
Quack sweetly till she comes, never from love move,
For fun's most weather and the river feeds.'
Sometimes the moon speaks no common-man-sense
But tonight full, he wasn't over the fence!


And the Goddess said while bed's sleep owed hours
'I may give sweet kisses from your sweet heart
But I'm tied to halt not where will wants flowers'
And I sighed 'Agreed to that. Please proceed -
One kiss bliss beats never to really live.'
The Goddess changed form and my love indeed
Greeted with flashing smiles and ready stride
But before the kiss I said 'Stop this please,
This is too beautiful to be brought heart
Without steps, poesy, pre-pleasure, love's ease -
Too rushed, could lose, could spoil love now apart.
Best wait for time to bring real love that lasts.
Couldn't bear forcing a kiss to kissings' pasts.


Why Goddess promise romance this strained day,
Has poetry lost touch and action's called out
To make hearts leap where they've walked and missed play,
Were together but eyes touched not with doubt?
'Call your love to the desert of your birth,
Bathe outside, hot, nowhere with sunshade's cool,
Drinks handy, no sound drowning whispers' deep worth -
Fill the bath with yellow jello if at all'
Said the Goddess, 'Hold on now' the Poet said
'Red heart's beating, hers will too in yellow.
You're promised - I'll take action, not plead bed -
Won't be lovesick; with yellow health we'll glow.
I'll dance my little boy dance round the bath;
More than yellow will lead to aftermath.'


Where the silver river is bright and deep
Where the cockatoo sits in the tall gum tree
Where possums in a hollow are asleep
That's the way I will go with my lady
Where the blackbird sings nature's latest song
Where the wild blackberry tastes its sweetest
Where baby birds chirp loudly they belong
That's the way I will go with my dearest
Where the mowed grass is smooth and fresh in shade
Where the river bank slope is a pillow
Where whispers are woven when they are made
That's the way I will go with my soft doe
Where the birds and bees do as they please
When she comes to me from over the seas.


Oh dainty damsel who in the river
Hidden by knowing reeds do bathe your breast,
Forgo a shower in your bower for nature;
We pretend I'm peeping for a bird's nest;
So not to offend I praise what I've found,
'Very well formed, perfect in every way,
A rare find in these parts I would be bound.'
She giggled at my local knowledge play
And invited the bird nester to look
More closely at the nest for nature's sake.
Her fair sex did excel any bird book
And my worthy praise proved true, no mistake.
Our love will always be fresh and spicy
For my love lives life like her poesy.

By David A. Doolan

© 2017 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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