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Dear Mama
Dear Mama,
We've had it rough, haven't we?
There's so much to tear us apart
But you're a part of me

It took me years to realize
I have more than just your eyes
No matter how hard I tried
To deny

I have your strength
And your bravery
We go to great lengths
To avoid imprisonment or slavery

They cannot hold us down
No matter, they'll try
We have a fire that cannot be found
We have to wings to fly

Dear Mama,
Life is too short
I'll blink and you'll be gone
The more I try to keep my eyes wide open
The more tired I become

No, there is no denying
Only avoiding it
But what good is it
When we all have to face it

I love you
More than you can know
I may not call you
But you just had to know

Please know,
I think of you, all the time
Please know,
I want you to be happy, more than just fine
Please know,
I wasted too much time
On that high horse of mine

I take comfort in
Knowing, I'm not such a black sheep after all
I am your kin
I will stand proud and tall

I'm proud to be like you
I'm proud to call you my mother
I'm sorry for all I did to spite you
And for all we did to each other

Dear mama,
I want to start again
Before it's too late
I want a bond that won't bend
One that won't even break

Can we do this?
Can we try?
Before we wonder 'What if?'
Before the time has passed us by?

Time is of the essence
It is true for us all
But it is better to try and fail
Than to never have tried at all

By Dragnflys46

© 2017 Dragnflys46 (All rights reserved)


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