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This is Christmas

This is the Christmas season
A reason to be happy
why...Because Jesus was
born in Bethlehem.

If only we could go back in those days
when the shepherds and wise men
came to bring their gifts to the baby
born in a manager, and worship
Him on their knees...

If only we could be as happy as
Mary was, when she looked at
the baby's face, knowing
He would bring salvation to the
world where a Savior was needed...

If we would just go back into the scriptrues
and read about the virgin birth
the miracle that happened, so long ago
joy would leap into our hearts,
thankfulness would explode, in us...

This is the Christmas season
Let us rejoice, and read Gods Word
the only safe place to turn to.

The Word of God
gets us through anything
we have to face..

Brings light when everything seems dark
brings Christmas back in our heart
any season, life has new breath,

and this is what we call Christmas.

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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