Rain drops on an old rusty bucket
Mender renders
Rain drops on an old rusty bucket
Made the most soothing sound
I have ever heard
on a hot Montana day
Our national mascot
should be a turkey
Think of the joy they provide

A mouse just does what he does
not knowing from whence it came
or where it is going
A cat tortured and ate him
Divine madness

What if God is a 16 year old girl
who likes to make us happy
in every way and play with us
but becomes bored very easily
with old people and criminals
and leaves us alone
this is insane ----praise Jesus
A deep sound sleep
and good nutrition
is the nurse of good health

Vanity of vanities by Solomon

Vanity of vanities saith the preacher
all is vanity and vexation of spirit

By assisi

© 2017 assisi (All rights reserved)


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