Out Of Sight
Goodnight my friend, as I turn out the light.
Stealthy with grace, now fade into the night.
Body and mind, accepting peace and rest.
Emulsified, as liquid, shadow is best.

He is up, he is down, he is around.
From here to there, everywhere, without a sound.
In the dark have no care, awake he's there.
With luck, magic, all round in my air.

We sit in the morning, talking of dreams.
As we walk down the street, natural it seems.
We get on the bus, sit down in the seat.
Paid only one fare, that bargain's hard to beat.

We talk to co-workers, hear what they say.
They acknowledge us both, work through the day.
You are to my left, you are to my right.
In front of, behind, but always in sight.

Forever beside me wherever I go.
Steadfast when I'm fast, a ease when I'm slow.
Good night my friend, as I turn out the light.
Live now your fantasies, you're out of sight.

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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