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When Darkness fills the skies
Darkness fills the skies when the devil tell all lies

' The devil was an Angel '
They were all God's Angels at one time
Then there was a departure from the ranks
Some became demons over night
because they thought they to could be like God

even better then God himself
So these Angels were banished from the heavens
and they took up space in the lake of fire and brimstone
Some call it hades or hell

But I know I don't want my family to end up there
So I teach them about Jesus and the Bible
So they learn the way to follow in the foot steps of Jesus
What he taught and what he said

For their own good I tell them to read his words
straight from the Living word The Holy Bible
For they will learn that the devil is no angel
Just and angel in disguise

Wanting to turn your head upside down.
I am not a preacher or a preacher's son
but I have spent my time in the Word
The word of God I have read and have heard

and the good it has done for me I feel blessed
To have known my savior Jesus Christ.
Who with my Heart mind and soul
I trust my eternal destiny
To Christ I owe it all.

By SuperSlimJim

© 2017 SuperSlimJim (All rights reserved)


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