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Before you read, note that this poem is not a tale.
It happens in the city of Angels.
We were not there but it sure happens...

Who knows about the city of Angels?
Where Michael resides
The warfare officer
Where Once was Lucifer
The music director.

Who knows about this Kingdom?
Where the great one dwells
The only Almighty
Michael says 'Hosanna'
Lucifer sings 'Hallelujah'

Who knows how this pride crept in?
Lucifer wanted the kingdom
What a curse!
He wanted to reign
God forbids!


So, in heaven came a great war
Michael and his officers fought Lucifer
Lucifer and his officers fought Michael
But Pride never prevailed!
For the traitor was casts to our poor Kingdom
His legions were never spared too!

Woe to our poor Earth!
Woe to our sea!
Woe to our air!
Woe to our poor Earth!

Woe to the First man!
Woe to the Animals!
Woe to the Trees!
Woe to the First man!

Woe to the Garden of Eden!
Woe to the Serpent
Woe to the Fruit!
Woe to the Garden of Eden!


Lucifer became the prince of this world
He is now the director of demons
The accuser and the roaring lion
The serpent and dragon
The Beelzebub and Belial
The Tempter and the evil one!

A wanderer!
A devourer!
A destroyer!
A killer!

Woe to the Prayerless!
Woe to the Watchless!
Woe to the Heedless!
Woe to the Careless!
Woe to the Prayerless!

2017, Eunice O.Bamgbopa

By eunice

© 2017 eunice (All rights reserved)


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