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Where Is The Fun.?
Where is the fun
It's just push, shove and run.
Shopping late in the night
Hurry up for things has to be just right.
Have to buy a certain toy
For some girl some boy.

Don't matter who you might knock down
That certain toy has to be found.
Fill like your climbing a big hill
Baking and cooking big meals.
Run run run
Where is the fun.

If we'd stop and think
As we dip our pen in our ink.
Christmas should be fun and enjoy
We must remember the birthday of a certain baby boy.
We must remember it's all about him
Not what we buy. bake or how the tree is trim.
At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow
What a gift to us from him Oh wow.

By just_little_me

© 2017 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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