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The Whisperings

The Whisperings

It has been almost a year
Since we have shared something newly created

Aspiring's whisperings pleading to speak our hearts
Yet it has become harder to share the whispered heartsongs
And harder still to place them to be seen

Why has what once was so easily expressed on poets page
Become a sadness, when time and again, the birth of a new Heart Song
Fades away, like so many other things, I can no longer claim as my own

The words that once reached to the sky
Now silenced by the circumstances of the day

To place the heart . . . to confess the life

It is the whisperings that I need to hear clearly
It is the whisperings I must somehow allow myself to speak
Perhaps then would be a way of healing

It has always been about the whisperings
I wonder . . .

When heard once again will they speak as before?

Original By Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

January 5, 2018

Just For The Love Of It

By aspiring_angel

© 2019 aspiring_angel (All rights reserved)


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