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Abigail My Gal
Abigail My Gal,
Always wondering about God
and how he does what he does.
Fixing lives and healing people,

on a daily bases it's all taking and not giving.
When the woman touch his robe
He felt the power drawn out of him
a healing power of the Lord within.

A positive charge of energy
I say it electric power.
Oh I have felt it before
In the power of prayer.

In the prayer circle of life,
When it is drawn out of for the good
and the spirit arises in oneself.
It is good for ones health.

A healing from the powers of God above,
Sending down the Holy Spirit with much love.
Oh the Lords power is great,
It can shower the world

With a peace and a space .
Of mind and body,
A spirit filled being energized
By the third person of the Trinity.

The Holy Ghost who Baptized by fire
and set the world ablaze.
Lighting up the Churches along the way,
So I say to this present day.

I pray to the Father the Son
And the Holy Ghost Amen.

By SuperSlimJim

© 2018 SuperSlimJim (All rights reserved)


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