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A gift for my Sister
When I was a little girl about six

years old, my big sister was totally

the apple of my eye, she worked

after school to buy all of us a present

it influnced me so I loved it yes-siree

I wanted so to give her a gift from

me. I ask down a the drug store

for a pretty box I saw, I wanted

to give it to her with all of my love.

when I handed it to her she was

going to open it up, I said no

sister it's just a pretty box, she

was so impressed she kept it

for a keepsake, it made my little

heart feel good that she felt that

way. Because I thought I gave

her something she really loved


Brain tease
written January 12, 2018

apekekes keepsake.

Author Clara Case ( Deen )

By deeny107

© 2018 deeny107 (All rights reserved)


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