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'A Sentimental Love'
The Lord from up above,
Sent to me a sentimental love.
Of the secret heart had its part,
For it's the heart of the Christ,

that separates life from death.
Putting my belief in Jesus,

The Sacrifice of this Body and soul,
For my sins in which he had departed this earth.
His greatest accomplishment to those who believe in him,
carry there cross throughout their lives.

They know the sacrifice that Jesus made was for them,
To be saved by the grace of God almighty.
Lord of lords, King of Kings, My Savior,
My teacher, preacher and spiritual leader.

Who has taught me of the Sentimental love,
Of the Lord Jesus Christ who shed his blood, to save our lives.
So we can live eternally, with him in Heaven Blessed,
Someday If God wills it, My Soul will be so blessed.

For I already ask Jesus to Pardon my sins,
and forgive me for my weaknesses.
Bless me when I show I am responsible,
For a life and a love that was mine.

As I have to pray day and night, to get the rest I need.
To fill my daily pray request, of my family.
For I feel that they are in need of blessings,
In which I am able to give to them freely.
By asking the Holy Spirit to cooperate, with the Lord of host.

By SuperSlimJim

© 2018 SuperSlimJim (All rights reserved)


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