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Tale Of The Irish Princess
Tale Of The Irish Princess

As I was walking
I heard a voice so well
'listen her laddies
I have a story, to tell

There was the princess
Just off the Ireland shore
She lived on an island
With beauty to galore

She was rich
Way beyond our dreams
But she had no man
Good enough to be her king

Then one summer
They held their summer games
Where the best of the best
Could easily rise to fame

There were strong men, and archers
Big men with an axe
All of them competing
For prize money in sacks

There were men on horses
Competing to be the next night
All suited in their armor
Battling through each fight

Then there was this stranger
No one had heard of before
He had traveled a long way
From some distant shore

He was a big man
A might taller then seven feet
He came all this way over
Just so he could compete

He beat the archers
With his arrows and bow
Just How He did it
They still don't know

He out throw the disc throwers
Beating them at their own game
Yes he won that prize
The others walked away in shame

He out chopped the other men
Who competed with the axes
They all lost to him
All still owing more taxes

Then came 'the night competition'
He knocked them then off on-by-one
Winning every competition
As if he was a chosen one

Then he met the princess
To collect all his rewards
He thought it would be easy
As he'd leave her his regards

But when their eyes met
Their hearts instantly knew
That love was in the air
As the butterflies flew

Soon there was a wedding
As he soon became her king
And love filled the castle
As they wore each other rings'

Then I walked in the door
There were elves sitting all around
Listening to that very story
But not making a sound

He said 'hey ya mate
Nice of you to drop by
And listento me tales
Of the day that went by

come back tomorrow lads
I may have more to tell
Pass me down a beer lad
As me lips dry and starting to swell

Written 1/19/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
2018 Norman (All rights reserved)

By norman

© 2018 norman (All rights reserved)


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