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In cold she sleeps
Like stone disappearing into the water
She slips from my memory...
Like dust in the air she dissipates,
Only to be seen when the sun is streaming,
Across my window lighting the air.

Like an echo my words rattlle against
The canyon walls...
Nothing new, fading with each copied sound,
Becoming more distant...
Fading to nothing.

Death unlike sleep,
Does not generate life,
Only a cold emptiness...
With a memory,
Imperfect with time,
Inprecise with detail...
Changing as it grows more fond with time.

The cold snows of winter please not!
For though they remind us that spring approaches,
The pain is still there...
I am reminded of this,
Each time I read your obituary.

By BramptonMC

© 2018 BramptonMC (All rights reserved)


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