Tony's Choice A Prayer Answered
The experience was at times terrifying watching as your lips turned blue and breathing labored. Thirteen times in all! YES 13.... perhaps more that we don't even know about. Paramedic's knew you by name instantly when called.
Late night calls asking 'May I please crash on your couch tonight? I swear I'm not high'
Jail and prison time completed with hefty fines still being paid.
Long nights and many tears worrying if you were lying dead someplace and all alone.
Hurtful and careless words of attack to the human spirit broke me to the point that I actually asked God to take you if he couldn't fix you. Then I spent hours dealing with my own shame and guilt for ever asking such a thing from God. I loved you my 1st born grandson so much yet I hated you at the same time. For what you were doing to all of us,but mostly to yourself.
You were forced into rehab 3 times and for awhile we had you back and life seemed good again. BUT THEN
the devil paid yet another visit and be it a snort, drink, taking pills, or injection,self medication took priority over all this family stands for. The heartaches were unbearable. Turmoil divided us yet we kept praying for a miracle to take place.
For whatever reason,maybe our tough love (and believe me it devastated me) you walking the streets not knowing where to go with no place to call home.
no job,no friends (just other users and losers)
Perhaps the shame,guilt,loneliness,empty pockets,opened your eyes and today after
all these years of struggling 'YOU' made the choice to go into rehab not by force,but by choice. Turning Point is your new beginning as we pray for your life to take flight and give you the best natural high ever. And tonight words speak from grandma's heart onto the page. I love you my dear grandson,and I NEVER quit believing in YOU!

SFITB challenge with Myrna hosting

'words speak from grandma's heart onto the page'

By JacieStralkoDuca

© 2018 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)


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