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A treasure chest.

This is for you…

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Life is difficult for many of us.
You are not alone in this.
Please know, that there is someone out there
that really cares.

And one friend is better than none.
You will not feel lonely or alone.

So please, read these lines
they are for you, to let you know, that I care.

And to let you know that, I love you, my friend.

The kind of love for a special friend.
An online poet-friend that lives so far away.

Please listen to my whisper, my silent plea,
and change your mind, stay, please.

Our friendship is like a treasure chest that holds memories.
The memories of years passing by.
Those times reading your poetry and beautiful stories.

Just like many, I have a difficult time to express my feelings
but trying my best and say…Stay.


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By Zuzanna Musial

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By Zuzanna

© 2018 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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