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What can I tell you?
The end is fast approaching
I write this without hope
And I wonder who is reading

The city below me is in flames
As I look out from CN Tower
Black shapes move ever closer
Toward Mankind's final hour


Let me tell you how it began
The astronomers were bemused
The universe had too much mass
They couldn't find it and were confused

Then one man made a breakthrough
On that fateful day
The day we wished had never been
When we touched something far away

At first the astronomers were jubilant
The reason had been unknown
Why universal mass was greater
Than calculations had shown

They had found a cluster of galaxies
Far behind the nebula, 'Coal Sack'
But there was something odd about them
Each one was totally black

Here was where the matter was
Which had been so hard to find
It even made the national news
Looking back we were so blind

The science world wore a smile
But what we had done was not known
With our connection to this place
Our own location had been shown

In time all this was forgotten
And fifty years came and went
The dust settled on their discovery
The astronomers were content

Then came the day
When everything was changed
The day that ended history
And every life was re-arranged

The black ball hung there in stasis
Between us and the Moon
The world was shaken to the core
Not one soul was immune

We all shook like windblown leaves
We could do nothing other
We asked what was this thing, what did it want?
As we clung to one another

If tears had been a currency
We would all have been so rich
As all eyes were drawn to the ball
And nerves began to twitch

No signal had been detected
And no signal was received
Was the thing totally inert
Or were we just deceived?

The spokesmen said they had no clue
Science had not found a way
To communicate at any level
With light, radio or display

At night it was unnerving
As the object tracked the moon
Appearing as an eyeball staring
From each late afternoon

As the days wore on we were in chaos
So many cracked under the strain
How could everyday life carry on?
How could we be normal again?

The answer my friends was never
On the thirteenth day it awoke
And they began to emerge
And sheer panic made us choke

They were black, not unlike spiders
Shiny carapace and dark shark's eye
With as many as twenty pupils
Around a circumference did lie

Long and hard black tweezers
Gripped anyone in their path
Cracking skulls and sucking brains
Coldly, without sound, no wrath

All else had come to a halt
The cities were silent, still
As these quiet assassins took us
With gluttonous, patient will

All electronics had been frozen
All command structures rendered void
Each metal part bonded to its neighbour
Each weapon then destroyed

Nothing worked that we had built
Nothing moved that we had made
Many ran into their waiting arms
To die quickly by their blade

I've been in the tower five days now
I'm the last who has not gone mad
Many jumped to their deaths
I can't tell you, it's been so sad

We watched it all by telescope
Until we could watch no more
The elevators of course won't work
We're trapped on the viewing floor

Below, Toronto burns in the night
Red flares across retreating black
There are no more humans down there
They died in the first attack

Why the black ones were burning
We could only guess
Perhaps to them all light was unclean
Who could their reason assess?

Now I am finally alone
The others dead or gone insane
I see the flames retreating now
And darkness begin to gain

The lights had been going out
From the beginning of it all
Power failing everywhere
Back to Stone Age we did crawl

Now as I gaze there is blackness
Everywhere I turn my eyes
Even the moon is in eclipse
Before it the black ball lies


Is she coming closer?
I must be going mad
I'm starting to call her mother
And feel so terribly sad

As a baby accepts almost any object
In the absence of another moving thing
Accepts the caring parent who loves it
My hopes irrational take wing

The only child of our now black world
Greeting my black mother up on high
I look directly up at her
And wish so hard to die.


© 2018 KANEIX (All rights reserved)


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