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The Forgotten Language
The road is full of travelers, but encounters are too few,
that I happen on someone who speaks the language that I do.
I live my life by feeling, but I mind my morals first;
Ive taken bruised and damaged souls and peeled away their worst.
Im all cards on the table and own the things you do
and you should think of others, before you think of you.
Im Miss Highly Observant and my empathy is strong--
It pains me just to think about the innocent, done wrong.
Ive gotten up each time this world has given me a shove
and Id give my life for anyone that I have ever loved!
Yet, I walk this road alone most times, so I respect the precious few
I encounter now and then, who speak the language that I do.

By Naena

© 2018 Naena (All rights reserved)


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