Danced 'round the white petaled fields with such ease
Tip toeing careful 'pon orchestrations gentle soft breeze
Freed underneath azure blue, dappled like snowflakes in the sky
I heard of the dance of the virtuous, blue and pink butterflies
Fluttering silk wings with amazing grace, of purest delight
Like a wisp whispered lullaby for sweetest of my dreams at night
To view the bright dance of love, we were quite mesmerised
For colours of rainbows peeked through the twilight, like magical skies
God's wonder giving life for us all, my son's happy dream
He had turned every gloom back to wonder, beyond all imagining,
These happenings spilled into awakenings,
He knows all that His children think

As golden as sunrise of days, peaceful sunsets,
some blue, some delicate pink...

'God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.'

1 John 3:20

Written and revised by Debera
With thanksgiving...
Music Courtesy; Lullaby ... Amazing Grace

- Oxford; a definition of 'magical'
* beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life


By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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