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Why do we live
The gift of life is a special gift,
It has no equal no consciousness.
The gift is not always easily accepted.

When your life begins to get confused,
by friends and family you are somehow used.
When you see things you love easily rejected.

Yet life in itself is a blessing indeed,
teaching us to strive until we succeed.
Moving forward leaving nothing neglected.

We all must wonder from time to time,
is this life I am living bringing feelings sublime?
Matters not, painful or sublime, life must be protected.

As time moves on within our lives,
or the evil and pain grows in strides.
What then do we do, how do we decide on life expected.

We will all reach a point one day on this earth,
It will be on a day sometime after our birth.
I pray I will always cling to life, knowing I fulfilled what God expected.

By jvaughan

© 2018 jvaughan (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Would you rather live than die, or die than live? (challenge has been closed)

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