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Living Life
To impart love to others is a simple thing
It takes no sacrifice nor expensive things.
It is the beginning of how your life may be.

To openly laugh have fun and play,
will often lead to a fulfilling day.
Putting pride away you will find happiness is the key.

Far to many times in this life,
we get beaten down, filled with strife.
Make it your goal to fill each day with at least one fond memory.

Life is hard of that theirs no doubt, evil things are about.
Why worry about things not known, happiness is not beyond all doubt.
Continue to give all you have to this life you live, it will set you free.

As we age, as we change, many things rearranged.
Life is the reason why joy of life must always remain.
We must continue to pursue our lust for life to find the key.

It matters not as much where this passion resides'
It is within each of us and will always abide.
Appearances for others is not my concern, I want to find it in me.

No matter what your life has been through,
Cling to a positive attitude, it will help you through.
Then when we meet again after this life is done,
knowing this life, the worth of the next we will truly see.



By jvaughan

© 2018 jvaughan (All rights reserved)


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