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when on the mountain top
On the mountain top, is where I am when I have gone through the valley.
Its a place so wonderful, I know nothing can touch me.
I'm so high on my Jesus, I could almost fly.
I thank God for the valleys, but am so glad when I finally am ready to reach the mountain top.
I know there will be days when I will have to come down, and walk in the valley again, but so thankful to be able to be on the top for awhile.
Remember my friend, that you to will come out of the valley when God is ready,and sit at the mountain top with him.
Don't be discouraged when you're having problems,and things seen so very bleak.
God can turn all bad into Good.
Sometimes we don't understand why we are having trails and tribulations, but we must believe that God doesn't make these things happen, but allows us to go through these difficult times for a reason.
When you are walking through the valley next time, and you are thirsting for the Lord, open up his word and read what he has to show you.
Be obedient,and never stop asking him to show you what he is trying to tell you, through whatever you are facing today.
Once again you will walk on the mountain top again, and thank him for what he has taught you.
March forward my friend,and never give up.
God is waiting to bless you, if you only look up!

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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