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Chasing Dreams…

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Life, like a carousel in a constant run, going around,
Lucky those finding a pot of gold by a chance.
Perhaps when searching for...almost the entire life.
A definition of happiness varies to you and me.
I call life and peace a total happiness,
It’s a wonderful bliss...for some,
Might be different things, more or less.
For others, and me, it’s such a dream or a quest.
Success is another treasure that they striving for.
If you managed in life thus far, the success is yours now.

Try not to cry for lost love, it is like a butterfly.
Chasing dreams, it’s a great fun, love like a
Phantom appears, then dims with time.
Life is a mystery, and yesterday is another day in history.
Go with the flow, keep your dreams alive, try to keep a
Sharp mind, it helps a lot to the Moon,
The stars, rainbows, clouds, sunrises, sunsets.
Watch the birds flying back, returning to their nests.
Such a beauty of four seasons, those almost at your footsteps.
Live fully, be free, cherish a new day, enjoy your life.
Knowing that the Divine holds everything in his arms.
Be thankful for blessings, and things those gained with no harm.


By Zuzanna Musial

Music Copyright Lucas Thanos

By Zuzanna

© 2018 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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