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you ever sit and wonder,
how much beauty fills
the earth?
Or are you just to busy,
with things that cost,
and eventually
are lost...

How much does it cost,
to walk on the beach,
or take a long walk,
to see the gentle
luster of Spring...

How much does it cost,
to walk in a garden,
or just to hold,
a new born baby...

are you happy
where you are
or wanting more
of what God has in store.

try something new,
like walking in the
morning dew...

Fresh air and sunshine,
not a penny you need,
to feel the freshness
and vitamin D...

God made provisions
for us all, but our choice
in what we choose...

Freedom comes when
we let go, of things
that blind us from the Lord,

don't sink down in the sand
rise and value Gods land
that He made with
His mighty hand...

Written by Janet Ford

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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