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It is a most comforting thought
Exactly what your anxiety sought
And too your need for security
Given a calming solution in perpetuity

No more worries about your future
Meaning provided; a lovely feature
You'll feel protected & likely guided
A trustworthy source safely confided

You may sleep so much better every night
And all seeming wrong made almost right
Above you & around you is a nice feeling
In your group with 'TheTruth' you're now dealing

Reassuring agreement that makes you feel safe
Connected & happy, it's such a relief
No doubts at all, all is now revealed
No need to search, nothing concealed

Shielded with love unlimited, unbound
What a glorious reality you have found!
No thoughts need disturb you very much
All is in hand, looked after, & such

But wait, what proof do you have at all
That this not a placebo come to call?
A notion that provides so much joy
Built on nothing but a ploy

A ploy of faith that delivers naught
But within cult thought you are caught
A very comforting cult to be sure
But for what ails you, a short-term cure?

How do you know if any of it is true?
Just beliefs & faith without a clue
A comforting mentality amid confusion
Giving you an easy, baseless solution

There is no evidence that God exists
No true foundation for such bliss
All a pretty package with naught inside
To hold fast to with all your pride

A pig in a poke they used to say...
A great PR promotion. Buy One Today!
But when you come to your death bed
You'll feel consoled tho soon to be dead

So perhaps the illusion is EXTREMELY worthwhile
It gives you some temporary love & a big smile
So don't think too much, it's alright...
Even if the God concept IS just $hite.


© 2018 KANEIX (All rights reserved)


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