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Can you make any sense of it?
Life is a forceful wind
A gust of static electrical air
We can't make heads or tails of it
It smacks us hard in the face
Or it gives us a soothing, gentle kiss
It circles the ground where we walk
But it is ungraspable it is inert and invisible
It is ever-present yet passing by however faint
You cannot follow what hasn't yet manifest
Or comprehend what is ever changing
It is an illusion to believe otherwise
Only a fool can say where it starts begins & ends
Are you a fool, should I follow a fool
Can you say, you fully understand its nature?
Life is a wind that brushes beside you & me
As it sweeps us up like a paper bag
And drops us back down
Like a lover leaving town.
I ask you: Can you make any sense of it?
Are you in control of it?
If you are then what is it?
Life is a potent wind
I don't know where it begins
But I know it sometimes sings and has eternal wings.

The BRAIN TEASE challenge aentdrsdun understand

By Mark Heathcote

© 2018 Mark Heathcote (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The BRAIN TEASE challenge-read page for rules, info, and word to UNSCRAMBLE (challenge has been closed)

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